Health Bowls, Gluten-free

gluten free millet health bowl whisk and cleaver

Left overs are a favorite around here. No cooking, new flavor combinations, less waste – what’s not to love?

I’ve been playing around with millet lately, a gluten-free grain largely associated with bird seed in the U.S., although a German friend told me she grew up on it. Millet has a toothsome texture that, to me at least, is more satisfying than the gentle give of quinoa. In fact, millet could stand in for couscous and is less sticky, making it easier to use in a variety of ways.

Make your bowl with whatever leftovers you have on hand. Grains or pasta are a strong foundation, then layer in any leftover protein and vegetables you have before they completely languish away in the fridge. Next add crunch with chopped or sliced nuts; scallions would add a nice zing. Finally, dress with a dressing or sauce that complements your health bowl’s flavor profile. Here I opted for a gluten-free soy sauce to work with the chicken, sliced almonds and cold broccoli from last night’s dinner.

How will you build your health bowl?

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