Amador Wine Country


My Northern California adventure continued Saturday with a trip through Amador County wine country, just an hour or so outside Sacramento. With nearly 40 different wineries to explore, your staminia will wear out before your options do. We checked out quite a few, but the standouts were Story Winery, for its breathtaking view (see above), Villa Toscano, for its Tuscan-inspired beauty and the Sobon Estate, considered one of the oldest wineries in California. Many of the wineries boast old vine Zinfandels, so my tastes were mere sips since Zins can knock me over faster than you can imagine.


If you want to fuel up before you head out, check out Marlene & Glen’s Diner (18726 State Hwy 49, Plymouth, CA 95669; (209) 245-5778). Omelets were generously proportioned and filling enough to split with a friend. And be sure to save enough energy to stop by Davis Ranch and pick up some of their famous sweet corn, which was so amazing I had two ears that night for dinner.

Family, wine tasting, small town diners and sweet corn – I can’t think of a better way to spend a Saturday afternoon this fall, can you?


4 thoughts on “Amador Wine Country

  1. Great shots of the wine country. Love it up there. And sorry that I’ve been missing for awhile so your redesign is new-to-me right now and it’s gorgeous. Bravo!!! Bet you’re glad to have it…over :) they are so much work, but worth it!

  2. Love “Gold Country” and the beautiful wineries. My husband and I went on a last minute weekend getaway there with another couple. I had no idea there were so many wineries there!

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