Please, Take My Pepper

I’d rather eat a pig’s ear than a pepper

As a food blogger, my own personal challenge is to seek out and discover new cultures through food. If I can’t travel to Morocco, at least I can prepare a savory lamb tagine. While visiting Paris every year is out of the question, making a cheese soufflé is not. And so on.

As a food eater, however, I’ve hit a roadblock: peppers. Bell peppers, red, green and yellow; jalapeño or poblano chili peppers; cayenne chile peppers; cherry chile peppers…the list is endless. If a pepper has so much as touched a mere micro-area of my food, it’s all over for me.

You’d think I could just get over it, right? After all, I can’t stand the thought of having an olive with my afternoon cocktail, but sprinkle a few on a Parmesan flat bread and I’m in heaven. The notion of eating pigeon doesn’t appeal, but if a three-star Michelin offered one up I wouldn’t say no. But there is simply nothing, nothing anyone can do with a pepper that will make me rejoice.

I do not like them cold in salads. I do not like them hot in soups. I do not want them roasted with onions over my chicken. I do not want them for crunch in a sandwich. I do not want them grilled with my cowboy steak. I do not want them sprinkled throughout my couscous. I do not want them stuffed with meat, orzo or rice.

So please, take my pepper.

The point is, there are simply foods we cannot learn to love. There is clearly something in my DNA that forbids my taste buds from appreciating the biting, hot flavor of any pepper in any way, shape or form. And that’s okay. I’ve come to terms with my distaste for all things pepper related. I don’t think it makes me less of a foodie, cook or blogger to recognize my shortcoming. After all, every personal challenge needs a hiccup here and there.

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San Diego Food Bloggers Bake Sale: A Wrap-Up

The San Diego Food Bloggers Bake Sale, held yesterday at Great News! in Pacific Beach, raised more than $1700 in donations for Share our Strength’s fight against childhood hunger! Not only that, but it was a fun way to hang out with other San Diego food bloggers, including these lovely bakers and foodies:


There’s Stephanie from Recipe Renovator and Heather from Bake My Day!


Cupcakes by Amy at Do You Know the Muffin Pan?


Gorgeous treats from our organizer, Marie at Meandering Eats.


Tasty granola that became my dinner last night, created by Kelsey at Happy Yolks.


Biscotti by Kim at Liv Life (she made the limoncello herself).

Gorgeous Meyer lemon cake (that I can’t wait to make) from Kathy at Panini Happy.

I also got to hang out with Jenny from Vintage Sugarcube, whose two-ingredient fudge was to die for; Lori from Recipe Girl who made super cute baseball cookies; Kelly from Sass and Veracity; Rachel from Bakerita; fellow UCSD alums Lauren and Chrissy of From the Little Yellow Kitchen; Mary from foodies: a so-cal food blog; Darlene from My Burning Kitchen; Leanne from Three Dog Kitchen; Jenny from Foray Into Food and so many others…if I missed you just leave a comment and I’ll add you to my list! Happy cooking!

Tomorrow is the Food Bloggers Bake Sale!

If you’re in San Diego, please join us tomorrow, Saturday, May 14, at Great News Discount Cookware and Cooking School in Pacific Beach from 10 AM – 2 PM. Directions are here.

If you’re anywhere else, click here to find out if there is a bake sale near you! Scroll down to the bottom and put in your zip code. If you don’t find one near you, you can always make a donation online.

We’re nearly 30 bakers strong…that’s close to 1000 treats. How can you go wrong?! Still not tempted? We’ve got Congo bars, lemon pound cake and tiramisu cups. There’s mocha mud cakes, mini chocolate mochi cakes and Nutella brownies. Did I have you at Nutella brownies? We’ve also got fruit tarts, Jamaican lime banana bread and chewy gingernut biscuits.

There’s candy, including peanut brittle, vanilla bean sea salt caramels, Oreo truffles, caramel corn Oreo popsicles, S’mores kits with homemade marshmallows and sweets on a stick. And cookies:, including Reese’s Stuffed Peanut Butter cookies, soft chocolate chip cookies with swirl chips (white and milk choc swirl) and spring sandwich cookies with lemon crème.

Plus we’ve got Cupcakes! Red velvet, lovely lemon, banana split, ginger-stout with lime frosting, mango macadamia, mango-cardamom and coconut. There’s even a gluten-free table: with cake pops, banana nut bread, raspberry-coconut-almond cookie bars and orange cranberry scones.

Come Meet our San Diego Food Bloggers including:
Our Fearless Leader Marie from Meandering Eats
Kendra from The Best Zest
Kathy from Panini Happy
Darlene from My Burning Kitchen
Leanne from Three Dog Kitchen
Jenny from Foray Into Food
Mary from foodies: a so-cal food blog
Kirbie from Kirbie’s Cravings
Averie from Love Veggies and Yoga
Kelly from Sass and Veracity
Kim from Liv Life Too
Amanda from Food Porn Daily
Amanda from The Cilantropist
Lauren and Chrissy from From the Little Yellow Kitchen
Lori from Recipe Girl
Heather from Bake My Day!
Melina from Graciecakes
Kelsey from Happyolks
Snehal from Foodilicious
Stephanie from Recipe Renovator
Lydie from The English Pantry
Michelle from Berrylish
Rachel from Bakerita
Lisa from The Gonzo Gourmet
Ashleigh from Chantilly et Foie
Jenny from Vintage Sugarcube
Amy from Do You Know the Muffin Pan?
Cynthia from Gemini Desserts

And Our Baking Enthusiasts

Hope to see you there!

A special thanks to Stephanie from Recipe Renovator for preparing this post!