My Gluten-Free Holiday Gift Guide

The holidays can be a tricky time for the gluten-free home baker and chef. Every holiday party involves cookies, which means you stand there like a dolt, mindlessly nodding as those around bask in the glory of real flour. Oh, wait – that’s me, not you. Well, luckily, the gifts on my gluten-free holiday gift guide are perfect for every chef on your list. Gluten-free or gluten-ish (is that a word?!).

Happy holidays and happy shopping!


P.S. This page include affiliate links which means if you purchase something from this list, I may receive monetary compensation.

Shauna Ahern on Recipe Writing – IFBC


Like most people who go gluten-free, I started researching my food options online, which is where I discovered Shauna Ahern. I poured through her memoir, “Gluten-Free Girl,” and immediately connected to the Shauna I met on the pages: the one who grew up in suburban California, reading the backs of cereal boxes and snacking on the treats of childhood, Wonder Bread, Doritos and the like. So I wondered, would the real Shauna be the same person I discovered in her book?

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Roasted Carrot & Squash Soup #CutcoFallHarvest

whisk and cleaver cutco harvest squash
Summer has finally loosened its hold on San Diego, allowing a hint of fall to envelop us each night. Not that I’m complaining. Yesterday afternoon found us at the Cardiff Beach tide pools, where we spotted sea anemones, a giant keyhole limpet and a dog bounding into the ocean, only to have his owners chastised by state park police. By the time we returned to the car we were chilled to the bone and craving warmth.

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Food Writing at IFBC

cippino whisk and cleaver

For me, the highlight of IFBC were the food writing workshops. I’ve always wanted to be a writer. Scrawled across the front liner of a blue Gnome diary somewhere at the top of my closet are the words: “I’m a writer at age 8!”

(I’ve also always loved exclamation points!)

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London Summer 2014 Ephemera

London Underground Whisk Cleaver

Despite what the thermometer says, summer is over…at least during the week; weekends still equal beach in my book. Over here we’re back to school, soccer and swim (I’m guessing you’re in a similar boat?!). But that doesn’t stop me from reliving our summer trip to London every chance I get.

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