meQuilibrium: 14 Days to Cooler, Calmer & Happier {review}

As a writer, there’s always a critic in my head. She compliments me from time to time, but mostly she kvetches and moans and nitpicks.

This type of negative self-talk isn’t healthy, which we all know. But what’s challenging, at least for me, is to ignore the critic. I’ve tried methods like turning my thoughts into clouds and watching them fade away, or exploding my thoughts like fireworks, but sometimes those just make my blood boil even more.

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Mastering Imperfection in the Kitchen

barefoot contessa pork tenderloin 2

When I was in high school, about 100 years ago, my main goal in life was to be perfect. My teenaged version of perfection included a lot of exclamation points, as in “Look great in a bikini!” or “Pass the AP math test!!” … and don’t even get me started on question marks, like “Why didn’t he ask me out?” (and who knows who “he” is anymore, right?!).

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Shop Smarter with Shopswell


Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. Thanks for reading and supporting Whisk & Cleaver!

I take my shopping very seriously. And believe me, I’m a smart shopper. Whether it’s discovering the latest gluten-free ancient grain or snagging the perfect pair of beach-ready earrings, my online shopping abilities are well known. That’s why I’m so excited to be a part of Shopswell, an entire site devoted to unearthing gadgets, gizmos, books, movies and more – all at great prices.

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Pinterest: My Favorite Vintage Maps & Prints

I’ve always loved maps. Growing up, I’d pour through the maps in my history books. As an adult, I still love maps, especially the trend in mapping not as a science but as an art. And today, I do Google maps, like the one above, when we take trips – as a way to remember where we visited, what we ate, and where we just sat and enjoyed the scenery.

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Saying Goodbye to our Sweet Lab, Libby


A few weeks ago, we had to say good-bye to our sweet girl, Libby. She was my shadow for the past 12 years and such a big love, always sitting on our feet (all 90 pounds of her), begging for belly rubs and eagerly taking any and all food treats. She was the Derek Jeter of dogs … she could catch any tennis ball thrown her way, and she loved playing in the ocean or just walking (pulling me …) through the neighborhood. We know she’s in a more peaceful place now, and we’ll always love that big sweet dog.


Libby at 8 weeks on her first day home


Playing with her “big brother” Max


Libby loved the sun, and would spend hours outside basking in the heat


I like to think she’s as strong as a puppy again, romping around the clouds with Max

We love you, Libby!